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Are You Ready For Backyard Beekeeping?

Backyard beekeeping is truly a hobby for everyone because bees are not dependent on foraging material that is found nearby. If you are worrying that your bees might starve because there are few flower patches in your immediate vicinity, don’t. You will be enjoying wonderful backyard beekeeping  no time. Bees are excellent at flying and […]

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Honey Bees and Beekeeping to Enjoy Unpasteurized Honey

Honey bees and beekeeping can be an enjoyable and rewarding activity.  Not only does the beekeeper have the benefit of pollination of any nearby gardens, they also enjoy delicious unpasteurized honey. Everyone knows the expression “busy as a bee” and it is true.  In fact, bees work so hard bringing nectar back to the hive […]

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Unpasteurized Honey and Langstroth Beekeeping Hive

The main aspect of beekeeping has to do with the hives in which the bees are kept. Over the years beekeepers have improved upon the hives for the bees in order to make unpasteurized honey gathering easier. The Langstroth beekeeping hive is the most commonly used in the United States by beekeepers today. It is […]

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