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Beekeeping Supplies Honeycomb

Beekeeper Supplies

It is essential that the right beekeeper supplies are used.  Beekeeping is a hobby that could be dangerous.  But, beekeepers can minimize their chances of being injured by using the right supplies.  Many beekeeper supplies are needed in the extraction of the honey but, there are also supplies that beekeepers need in order to properly […]

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Beekeeper Suit

Understanding the Beekeeping Suit for Good Protection

Although the first part of preparing yourself to work with bees is understanding the bee’s first line of defense.  Even with an understanding of bee behavior, most beekeepers also wear some protective clothing such as a beekeeping suit.  Reasons to Wear a Beekeeping Suit Many people are allergic to bee stings.  But, sometimes the only […]

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Beekeeping Hive

Unpasteurized Honey and Langstroth Beekeeping Hive

The main aspect of beekeeping has to do with the hives in which the bees are kept. Over the years beekeepers have improved upon the hives for the bees in order to make unpasteurized honey gathering easier. The Langstroth beekeeping hive is the most commonly used in the United States by beekeepers today. It is […]

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Beekeeping Guide Raw Honey From Grapes

Is a Beekeeping Guide Necessary?

While you most likely will not make a lot of money keeping bees and selling the honey, beekeeping can be extremely enjoyable to those who invest themselves in it.  Sometimes the passion might be evident within you; most people do not know how to start.  The best way to get started beekeeping is to get […]

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Flowers For Beekeeping Information

Beekeeping Information for the New Beekeeper

Beekeeping is the controlled raising of bees in hive in order to gather honey.  It has a long history and is not only a wonderful hobby, beekeeping is also a profitable business.  But in order to reap the benefits of this fascinating hobby, a good deal of beekeeping information must first be learned. This is […]

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