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Beekeeper Clothing

Beekeeper Clothing to Avoid Bee Stings Like a Pro!

Bee stings are a fact of life for beekeepers – so this is one possibility in beekeeping that you have to contend with the moment that you step into a bee yard with an active honeybee colony. It is possible to get through the entire year without getting stung by honeybees, and there are several […]

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Beekeeper Suit

Understanding the Beekeeping Suit for Good Protection

Although the first part of preparing yourself to work with bees is understanding the bee’s first line of defense.  Even with an understanding of bee behavior, most beekeepers also wear some protective clothing such as a beekeeping suit.  Reasons to Wear a Beekeeping Suit Many people are allergic to bee stings.  But, sometimes the only […]

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