Four Sure-Fire Ways Backyard Beekeepers Have Good Relationships With Neighbors

Home BeekeepingLet’s face it – unless your neighbors are fine with your idea of  backyard beekeepers nearby, you won’t get any peace at home beekeeping. So instead of risking your good relations with your neighbors, follow our four sure-fire ways to establish rapport with your neighbors in light of your new found hobby:

Four Backyard Beekeepers Tips

Backyard Beekeepers of the Bay Area

Tip #1: Do not buy more than one beehive for your own yard. The presence of three or more hives in just one area can draw fire from neighbors who do not understand that bees, unless disturbed, are really very gentle insects.

If you are among serious backyard beekeepers and want to take care of more than one colony of honeybees, we suggest that you find a suitable farm nearby and ask the owner if you can place a hive or two on his property.

Nine times out of ten, the farm owner will agree to your idea because farmers know just how important beekeeping and pollination is to crop production. Your honeybees will be more than welcome to stay in farms.

Tip # 2: Backyard beekeepers know bees don’t circle around their hive when they leave during foraging flights. If the entrance of the Langstroth hive is facing west, they will begin their journey by going west. This being the case, don’t point the Langstroth hive where people are most likely to pass. Point it somewhere where people rarely walk by to reduce chance meetings with startled passersby.

Tip # 3: Don’t flaunt your passion for beekeeping – because not everyone understands that apiculture is safe, as long as backyard beekeepers know what he is doing. Backyard beekeepers paint the hive a light color like white or light gray can help make it less attention-grabbing.

Tip # 4: Once you are completely confident of your own skills in safely inspecting your hive/s, you can begin inviting the neighborhood kids (and adults) to learn about beekeeping. Don’t forget – your visitors need to wear the proper bee-tight clothing, too just as backyard beekeepers do!

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