Beekeeper Clothing to Avoid Bee Stings Like a Pro!

Beekeeper Clothing Bee stings are a fact of life for beekeepers – so this is one possibility in beekeeping that you have to contend with the moment that you step into a bee yard with an active honeybee colony. It is possible to get through the entire year without getting stung by honeybees, and there are several ways to accomplish this.  Let’s start with the right Beekeeper clothing.

1. First, never forget to wear the appropriate bee-tight beekeeper clothing. A good combination for the bee yard would be: netted veil, long denim pants, long-sleeved ‘beekeeper’s blouse’, a pair of tall working boots and a pair of gloves. You can substitute latex gloves if you think thick working gloves impede your hands’ dexterity.

After the Beekeeper Clothing

2. When you are in the presence of the colony, always move slowly and gently. No sudden or harsh movements – your honeybees will appreciate it if you don’t cause any major disturbance in the hive. Too much disturbance can actually cause your colony to abscond or abandon their hive completely.

3. Don’t crush your honeybees! It might be frustrating at first, trying to extract the wooden frames for inspection with all the honeybees crawling about. However, crushing or swatting them is not the way to go. Instead, use a soft-bristled bee brush to carefully move them from one side to another as you go about your work.

4. Always remember to hold the woodwork firmly in your hands. Dropping a frame full of worker bees (or the queen) can cause a ruckus so bad that you would have a very interesting story to tell later on.

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5. Feeding frenzies and robbing behavior can be prevented if you keep the bee yard free of open container filled with sweet foodstuff, like honey or sugar syrup. If you have to bring supplemental feeding to the bee yard, keep your sugar syrup tightly sealed and away from the hives/s.


However, with all the precautions, start with good quality beekeeper clothing to protect yourself. 


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